The primary foundation of this website is a manuscript of more than 300 pages, resulting from many years of practical experience and research. Initially this manuscript was made for, and in close cooperation with, the Dutch center for autism, Dr. Leo Kannerhuis (originally a ‘house’, named after Leo Kanner). Staff-member Dorothé Braam in particular had been involved for a number of years as go-between between architects and autism therapists. This happened in the context of the many building projects in which the Kannerhuis was directly and indirectly involved. She provided the majority of examples and also numerous technical solutions on this site.

The Kannerhuis eventually preferred a much smaller book which was published in Dutch as “Met het oog op autisme” (With an Eye on Autism).
Both documents contain the expertise and best practices which the Kannerhuis had developed over the years, in conjunction with the results of four years of research by Flip Schrameijer. Since the the publication of ‘Eye on Autism’ and the beginning of this website Schrameijer has continued his search for relevant theories and practices.

The Kannerhuis is the largest treatment and knowledge center of and about autism in the Netherlands, collaborating with numerous partners in health, higher education, employment and other fields.
The insights and knowledge from the extended manuscript are being made available here under the sole responsibility of  Dr. Flip Schrameijer. He is very grateful to the experts and the management of the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis for sharing their insights so generously.

Eye on Autism

Schrameijer, Flip, Met het oog op autisme. Bouwen & inrichten voor mensen met autisme, Doorwerth, Dr. Leo Kannerhuis, november 2013. Still available as free e-book.