Stairwell noise

Recommendation 73
Preferably a heavy concrete staircase, placed against an outside wall; avoid loose constructions, hollow steps, wood or metal

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (sound)

Because of
sensory sensitivity (to noise)

In order to
lessen or avoid noise.

When building a home or when buying or renting one, attention should be paid to possible stairwell noise. Stairs can be a disruptive source of noise. Loose constructions, hollow steps, wood and metal can all cause clatter. Such noise is amplified if the stairwell has much reverberation and can be called a ‘noise space’.

Appropriate remedies limiting noise include sufficient mass and stable attachment to an object which itself is sufficiently robust. A heavy concrete staircase, firmly attached to an outside wall, is the most silent. In case one of these possibilities isn’t present – mass, stable attachment or a robust anchoring – compensation can be created by paying more attention to the other elements.

Furthermore interior design can help by installing well-secured carpet runners in order to muffle the sound.