Acoustics and reverberation at home

Acoustics and reverberation at home

Recommendation 107
Various interior design tips against reverberation

Chapter (theme)
interior design (noise / acoustics)

Because of
sensory sensitivity: hearing

In order to
decrease or avoid noise

As mentioned in the theme sound, hearing and therefore noise is one of the most serious sensory problems among people on the spectrum. This is the reason to reduce noise generally. When decorating or redecorating homes, reverberation too requires attention. The reason for particular attention here is that people on the spectrum have the added problem of confusion about the sources of noise. Reverberated noise is hard to identify for everyone, so requires extra attention here. (See the theme of this recommendation.)

One can think of the following measures:

  • apply sound absorbing carpeting in stead of (or on top of) wood, linoleum, or ceramic tiles
  • install thick and sheer curtains
  • wall carpets on strategic places
  • foam underneath tables and chairs
  • upholstered furniture, cloths over ‘hard’ coaches and armchairs
  • avoid venetian blinds

This recommendation is specifically aimed at reverberation; other ways to lessen specifically sounds of everyday living are treated in the next recommendation.