Separate bathroom and toilet

Recommendation 81
Separate bathroom and toilet

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (smell)

Because of
sensory sensitivity

In order to
avoid the effects of foul and noxious smells.

In the context of living at home the recommendation of separating bathroom and toilet is made three times. Here this is done because of the smell. The other aspects (zoning, water, ventilation) are treated elsewhere.

Clearly, of people who are over-sensitive to smells – about one third of those on the spectrum – many will be so especially towards toilet smells. Many remark on this and measures against it frequently feature on whish lists with regard to housing.

Isolating toilet smells therefore is very advisable, if not indispensable. Separating bathroom and toilet is mentioned specifically because both functions are regularly situated in the same space.

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, additionally the dimensions of toilets should be a consideration as well. In most building regulations the minimum area requirements are too small (1 m2 in The Netherlands); the concentration of foul smells is much to large for most. We recommend these to be at least those of ‘accessible toilets’, i.e. those for the disabled (1,65 m x 2,2 m in The Netherlands).