Day lighting

Recommendation 79
Maximize the advantages of daylight, while avoiding autistic complications

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (light and sight)

Because of
sensory oversensitivity to light, stereotypical patterns (obsessions)

In order to
profit as much as possible from the advantages of daylight.

Recommendation 77 is about the exclusion of sunlight which might come in through windows and other facade openings. This one is about maximizing daylight entrance while avoiding sunlight altogether. It is only applicable when homes are built especially for people with autism and in cases one wants to take the most important objections against daylighting as seriously as possible. These objections are raised in discussions about building schools for autistic students. (See recommendation 79 for schools.)
These objections are that sunshine can disturb and cause distortions, that high sun/shadow-contrast can be disruptive and that an external view can be very distracting in case one responds obsessively to the outside view.

The recommendation is firstly to place windows and other facade openings in a way which prevents direct entry of sunlight. Limit them for instance to the North, filter the light through ground glass, or by other means.
Secondly to place windows and other facade openings in a way in which (certainly from a sitting position) there is no view which might be distracting. (Also see recommendation 10.)