Contact noise in existing homes

Contact noise in existing homes

Recommendation 70
Measures around floors and walls

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (sound)

Because of
sensory issues, weak powers of imagination, disturbed perception

In order to
lessen noise and related problems.

There are many similarities between this recommendation and the one about contact sound in new homes. There is more to be found about contact sound; a case which illustrates the relevance of this subject is also included.
Very drastic renovations can of course come close to construction, so the previous recommendation may be more applicable. We assume, however, this is not the case.

Renovations are the competence of the architect who takes the local situation into account and is informed about the latest techniques and materials. For these reasons our recommendations are modest and should be taken as no more than suggestions.
These suggestions are to lessen noise transmitted through walls and floors by:

  • Placingfalse wallswithrockwoolin between
  • Replacement of wallanchors, if possible, byother structures
  • Increasing themass ofthe floor.