Oversight at home

Recommendation 36
Take care of good oversight for the resident

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (sightlines)

Because of
orientation problems

In order to
provide the quiet of spatial clarity.

In the introduction of the context independent living it was emphasized that one has to be suffiently self-reliant, something which depends mainly on the ego-functions, while the problems on the autism-dimension may be considerable. This implies, among other things, that one may have difficulties with spatial orientation. For this reason it is advisable to provide the home with a clear physical and visual structure.

Arentzen & Steele suggest the following to implement this advice:
“The spatial layout should be easily understood by providing clear visual access into and between rooms. Use half-walls, vestibules, and cutouts to allow residents to preview a space before entering it. People will be more apt to use (…) rooms if they can assess the space (…) before entering them. Minimize the unknown.”


Depending on the use of the home, i.e. whether it is constructed for one particular individual or will be used by a succession of autistic people, in the former case an individual assessment of orientation problems may be administered.
Arentzen & Steele
Ahrentzen, S. & Steele, K. (2010). Advancing Full Spectrum Housing: Designing for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Tempe, AZ: Arizona Board of Regents. PDF