Situating the laundry area

Recommendation 33
Washing and drying in the same or adjoining space: not too far from bed- and bathroom, but clearly distinguished

Chapter (theme)
Architectural spaces (zoning)

Because of
cognitive shifting and Central coherence

In order to
avoid clutter, confusion and disorientation.

The principle that it’s helpful to divide the home into zones, each, if possible, with a unique activity or other purpose, applies to all spaces including those where laundry is handled and stored. The background is avoidance of clutter and chaos at the expense of orientation and quiet.

People who have ample space may be able to designate separate rooms for different activities relating to the laundry; those who don’t, need to designate area’s within rooms.

Assuming unlimited space, the recommendation would be to place the wash-dryer in one room, the place where laundry is left to dry (in the absence of a dryer) in another and in an adjacent room, the laundry storage. The latter should be situated close to the bath- and bedroom, in-between those would be ideal. Furthermore it’s advisable to store different sorts of laundry (clothes, bed linens, bath textiles) separately.

In case the space is limited, there will be less rooms and more clearly delimited zones within those. Then – as possibly in other cases – the bedroom is an obvious place to store clothes. Then, too, wash, dry and storage should be in close proximity of bed- and bathrooms.