Classroom noise

Recommendation 108
Other sound measures than those against reverberation

Chapter (themes)
Interior design (noise and acoustics)

Because of
sensory sensitivity (to noise)

In order to
lessen or avoid noise.

Because of the great sensitivity of many autistic students for noise in combination with the high noise levels at most schools, measures to lower these are paramount. Of all noise sources in class those from other students are most important. Measures against reverberation come first in noise abatement. These facts and their background are discussed in the theme noise and acoustics and where interior design is concerned in the recommendation acoustics and reverberation at school.

In the area of interior classroom design other measures are available than those concerned with reverberation.
General measures are limiting the number of students per class and the arrangement of groups of students working other than silently. When smaller groups of students work in too close proximity of one another they invite noise escalation because students within groups have to drown out the noise of the other groups. When temporarily working in groups it is advisable to find places outside the classroom for some of them.
Furthermore, students with the most noise problems can best be placed close to the teacher.

More specific measures could be:

  • door springs or door seals against slamming doors
  • plastic caps and the like in the groove of cabinet doors
  • felt underneath table and chair legs
  • drawer slides
  • avoiding metal furniture.