Towards a restart of the movement for autism-friendly design

The built environment is often unbearable and confusing for those with autism. Around 2006, a number of pioneering architects started a movement for autism-friendly design. After 2010 this development ceased to go forward:

♦ important controversies were hardly discussed; consensus about them is far off
♦ hardly any research into the effectiveness of autism-friendly design measures has been undertaken
♦ both a systematic organization of the knowledge and a theoretical framework are lacking
♦ the knowledge is still anecdotic; previous experience is hardly being taken into account.

This website attempts to list the experiential knowledge and aims to contribute to a restart of this movement. The organization of the recommendations is derived from the material. We distinguish context (at home, school and independent living), type (location, building, furnishing, etc) and themes (theoretical and practical considerations).
This is a work in progress. Each week recommendations, considerations and/or updates are added.